To remove the tension, Go to Ladakh

Suddenly a name came to my mind “LLD PLANET “ .Now you might be wondering ,what kind of name is this ? actually I heard a lot about it but when  I saw my self ,I realized that it really is “LLD”. I mean to say lovely Ladakh. If you are having tension with inability to work or in your work or are affected by the problems of any reason. and if you want to be a little stress free , one of the best places for them is Ladakh . this is a really cool and peaceful place where you will not have any trouble . Here is a different feeling in the mountains . It seems  as if there is peace,

amazing beauty
amazing beauty

Peace is joy  in the winds here .It is very strange and interesting place. I love this place .well there is a lot of place to look for in Ladakh but there is such a place which is a disturbing thing to the people.

Nubra Valley in ladakh
Nubra Valley in ladakh

If you are going to Ladakh , then go to the Nubra Valley one of the famous places of Ladakh is Nubra Valley . Nubra Valley is one of the sub district of ladakh , which is located in the North -East , Whose main headquarters is Diskcut village. about 120 average km. from discrete Leh city is located, which is main capital of Ladakh .The Nubra Valley  itself is a special one that seems to be the most different to you.


Hundar constituency is the largest constituency among all others and the Nubra Valley is 130 km. away from Leh town .Fasten village , is backward area in Hundar constituency has no road and medical aid center facility.

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